The last thing any customer wants is to order a product on Amazon, only to find out that it wasn’t what they were originally looking at. It may differ in size, color, or features, or it may even be a completely different product. The product might also be a counterfeit one and therefore not authentic. To ensure buyers are receiving authentic products, not fake ones, Amazon decided to launch a “Transparency program” to make shopping online safer. With the Transparency program, consumers can shop on Amazon while trusting that what they buy will be the true product that they ordered.

What is the Transparency Program?

Amazon’s Transparency program was made to prevent counterfeit products from being sold on its platform and stop sellers who engage in these activities. The initiative includes ensuring that each product listed on Amazon has a unique barcode included with it. If a product happens to arrive without any barcode, then it could be classified as a counterfeit item and could easily lead you to having your product ASIN suspended until you’ve contacted Amazon with information on how to change your processes to include a barcode.

As the name denotes, the aim of the Transparency program is to make sure that consumers have transparent and clear information regarding the products that they will purchase. The 2D barcode will be the means for buyers to check and make sure that the product is legitimate and from the proper brand. This will decrease misleading people and remove confusion, and hopefully put a stop to selling counterfeit items.

Scanning the barcode will also provide a lot more information than just the business it came from. There are also other details available such as when the product was manufactured, where it was made, when it is best used by, and additional detail depending on the product type. There may also be information such as ingredients available, which can help ensure the safety of the product. The great thing about the Transparency program is that customers can check the information about the product that they are looking at without having to purchase it first. This can help consumers feel more comfortable buying the product since they have additional information about it and can have a guarantee of what the item is and includes before the purchase is made. The Transparency program has truly changed the way Amazon engages in selling by providing more satisfaction and worry-free shopping to consumers.

How Does the Transparency Initiative Work?

The Transparency program strives to implement a registry of products in Amazon’s internal database. Once the products are in the database, they are stored there for reference by employees. This is why the 2D barcode is so important to have. When products arrive at Fulfillment centers, the employees make sure to scan the item and confirm its existence in the registry. If the barcode isn’t there, employees will never be able to check its authenticity in the database.

To get your products enrolled in the Transparency program, you must go online and complete the necessary steps to register your products one by one. Amazon contacts you with more information on how to complete this and by the end of the process, your products will be ready to go. This is when barcodes will be created and attached to the product. Every product that arrives at a Fulfillment center will be scanned, and the corresponding details will be shown. This is the method that the Transparency program uses to ensure authenticity. While it has impacted authentication of products in a significant way, it can still potentially lead to unhappy sellers if they are negatively affected by it.

What If My ASIN Is Suspended Because Of The Transparency Program?

While the program was intended to keep buyers assured that they are receiving the right products, unfortunately, sellers are suffering from the program and are having their product ASINs suspended due to lack of a barcode. An ASIN of a product is an Amazon Standard Identification Number, and it is given to each product so that they are uniquely identifiable. If you don’t have an ASIN for your product, you will not be able to list it. This is why ASINs are so important to have and getting them suspended can cost you lots in sales.

The reason the Transparency program is becoming a cause for product ASIN suspension is because problems are arising with the 2D barcode on the packaging. If the barcode is unreadable, damaged in any way, or is missing, Amazon will suspend your ASIN until you can get this fixed. This is negligent behavior and must be remediated to keep selling. Sometimes this is an honest mistake on the part of the seller, but Amazon will not tolerate the lack of a barcode. This is a lot to deal with, especially since Amazon requires more than just slapping a barcode sticker onto your products. You are also required to submit an appeal- an entire plan of action outlining which changes you’ll be making to improve your selling.

How Do I Get My ASINs Unsuspended?

The appeal that Amazon requires you to submit will get you your product ASINs back. However, this is only true if your plan of action is approved. You may go back and forth with Amazon several times to try and fix the problem and come up with an appeal that they will approve, which can cause you lots of headaches and a loss of time. This is where our professionals come in handy. We have plenty of familiarity with ASIN suspensions and can help you get your ASINs back. We offer assistance with creating your plan of action by ensuring that it is approved by Amazon. We will be there every step of the way and guide you on how to create your plan. We can also help with additional steps that may be necessary, like enrolling your products into the Transparency program. To find out more on how to get your ASINs back and keep selling, reach out to our team today.