Have you had your account suspended for supposed inauthentic infringement? Maybe your product ASINs were suspended instead of your entire account. Nevertheless, this can be a frustrating claim to deal with, especially when Amazon might not cooperate with your response. The infringement claim may also be false and could be causing you lots of problems with your account. However, there are ways to remediate these claims and avoid running into trouble with your Amazon experience.

What is Inauthentic Infringement?

First of all, what is an infringement claim? Infringement means to violate the terms of a claim or a law. For example, if there was an active contract made outlining what can and cannot be done, and you happened to engage in an action that went against it, then this would fit under infringement. In this case, however, a different business or organization is accusing you of violating their patents or copyrights on their products, saying that you copied their products and are selling them for yourself. An infringement claim against you is a serious accusation and can cost you a lot- potentially your entire Amazon account.

What’s Included in Infringement Claims?

Infringement claims are actually a broad category containing different types of infringement, like copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and IP counterfeit infringement.

Copyright infringement is when a work has a copyright protection on it, yet it is reproduced, distributed, or accessed, without the permission of the copyright owner first. Lots of works have copyrights on them, including books, websites, and software. More information regarding copyright infringement can be found here.

Trademark infringement deals with the copying of a mark or symbol that represents a company or a product, which results in confusion between who the actual seller of the goods is. This type of infringement can be tricky to handle since the claim is based on the confusion someone may experience when recognizing who the product belongs to. More information about trademark infringement is outlined here.

Lastly, IP counterfeit infringement, or “intellectual property” counterfeit infringement, includes copyright, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. While this is a general category, Amazon still gives users the option to report a claim against another seller using this infringement type. In general terms, IP counterfeit infringement includes violating an owner’s rights over their products. Without proper permission, users are going against an intellectual property law and can be reported for it. You can learn more about the ins and outs of what IP counterfeit infringement includes in this article.

All of these infringement types can be a cause for you to run into trouble with your Amazon selling experience and steps should be taken to avoid these infringements being filed against you.

What if I Have Been Accused of Inauthentic Infringement?

If you have been accused of inauthentic infringement, several things can happen to your Amazon selling privileges. Firstly, your product ASINs can be suspended for a certain period of time. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. This number is given to every product on Amazon and is used to list your products. Without this number, Amazon will consider your listing invalid and will not allow you to sell your product. This will drive sales down and you will not be able to make any sales on the specific product which belongs to the suspended ASIN until you have reclaimed it.

Amazon also puts your whole account at risk if you’ve had an inauthentic infringement claim filed against you. They may suspend your account until you have submitted an appeal providing information and documents proving otherwise. When your account is suspended, your funds are on hold, your selling is not valid, and your account is unusable until it has been reinstated. On top of this, Amazon only allows you to have up to 17 days to submit your appeal to try and refute the inauthentic infringement claim.  If you successfully provide the proper documents for the appeal and it is accepted, then you will be able to retrieve your Amazon account back and use it again. If you are unable to do so within the 17 days, however, then Amazon will permanently shut down your account and it will be unusable.

When is Inauthentic Infringement Legitimate?

It’s important to understand the difference between when inauthentic infringement cases are legitimate and when they are not. The key thing about infringement is that it must match exactly with what you are providing in your products. When one files an infringement claim against you, it means that they claim that your product is following the exact same models, processes, and paths that their product is. This is down to the word and very specific. If your product matches in shape, features, and objectives, then this could be a legitimate claim. However, someone could have a very similar product to yours, with similar features and purposes, but if they are not completely identical in every element that they include, then it would be an untrue inauthentic infringement claim and could be refuted against. This is something to keep in mind when inspecting if an inauthentic infringement claim is legitimate or not.

How to Remove my Suspension?

If you’ve been a victim of an inauthentic infringement claim and need assistance with refuting it, then we can help you. We have professionals working on a daily basis to help sellers get their accounts back. You can save time, money, and stress with our assistance. We offer help with finding the root of the issue, creating a persuasive appeal based on it, and ensuring that the appeal goes through and is approved. We understand that not all infringement cases are legitimate, so if you were innocent of a claim yet still affected by it, we can guide you to file against those accusations and reclaim your Amazon account. If your account was not affected by the claim, but your product ASINs were, we can also help with retrieving them back. Reach out to us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you get your selling privileges reinstated.