Listing on Amazon comes with rules, regulations and conditions that Amazon requires all sellers to abide by at all times. This includes providing exceptional customer service to buyers and meeting high performance standards to keep selling. The performance standards outlined by Amazon include such things as an order defect rate and a shipment rate. Maintaining these standards are all very important to receiving positive customer feedback and reviews, as well as abiding by Amazon’s policies. However, if you happen to fall short in these areas, Amazon might place penalties on your account and even discontinue your selling privileges.

What Is Amazon’s Shipment Rate?

Amazon strives to make sure that buyers are receiving their products on time and are not having to experience late shipment problems. In fact, customers expect shipment to be on time or even earlier, but late shipment is unheard of and definitely seen as an outlier. This is why it’s important to have your products delivered as expected. Sellers must comply with shipping their products on time to keep their account. Amazon’s performance target for their shipment rate has a threshold of 4%. If your rate falls any higher than this percentage, you’re at risk of being considered a seller with a late shipment rate.

What Happens If I Ship My Products Late? 

Shipping your products late reflects on Amazon’s entire platform and how they function as their own business. This is why Amazon takes late shipment seriously and does not tolerate it after it has reached a certain level. Having negative reviews about the platform because of a few sellers that failed to abide by shipping rates is something that Amazon does not allow. The penalty for having a late shipment rate on Amazon is having your account suspended. When this happens, sellers are required to provide a plan to remediate their shipping activities and perform better in the future. This plan must include what the problem was, why it occurred, and how it will be fixed to gain better performance for shipment. Amazon must also approve this plan before reinstating your selling privileges.

Having a late shipment rate can also affect your individual products on top of your entire Amazon seller account. When this happens, the ASIN for each one of your products may be retracted and suspended for a period of time. The ASIN is the Amazon Standard Identification Number that is given to each product listed on Amazon. When the ASIN is suspended, you are no longer able to list that product and have to wait until you’ve gained your rights back by submitting an appeal to Amazon.

I’m Innocent of Late Shipment!

Unfortunately, sometimes shipment rates are recognized by Amazon’s system as late even if they were not. A common example is when shipment software stop working for a short time, so sellers ship their packages manually instead of using their software, but then they forget to label them as “shipped”. This triggers an alert in Amazon’s system and increases the late shipment rate percentage. Once the 4% has been exceeded, Amazon’s platform shows your account as having shipped late and exceeding the performance standard of having proper shipment rates. Without labelling the items as “shipped” as soon as they are out, your Amazon account has a huge risk of being suspended. Only 24 hours of human error can make the difference between keeping your Amazon account or losing it for good.

How Do I Avoid A Late Shipment Rate Suspension?

It may seem obvious that to avoid a late shipment rate suspension, one must start shipping on time. While much easier said than done, many sellers can testify that there is a lot more to shipping on time. For example, staying organized and up-to-date with your documents plays a huge role in fulfilling correct shipment procedures. Without proper organization, you’re putting your selling under risk of late shipment, and you could eventually get your account suspended. You must also avoid human error as much as possible, by staying organized during unexpected events such as shipping software not working.

Manual shipping is even more crucial to maintaining organization because the entirety of it depends on human action. It’s also important to take note of your shipment rate often and make sure that it is not exceeding the 4% that Amazon has as a limit. Any higher, and you will be issued a late shipment rate suspension. If you notice that your rate is increasing, then take a step back and analyze the procedures you are currently taking to provide your delivery services. Then, look for ways to improve before the 4% is exceeded.

Finally, keep in mind that late shipment is not related to shipping alone. Rather, when customers receive products late, it can cause them to file complaints against your account, give you negative reviews and feedback, and even deter future sales from your business. This can result in a seller with negative feedback and potentially fewer sales every time a package is shipped late. These are all things to keep in mind when dealing with shipment and trying to avoid the late shipment rate.

How Can We Help with Late Shipment?

If you’ve had your product ASINs or Amazon account suspended for late shipment rates, we can assist you in creating a plan to appeal to Amazon for your account back. The key thing about your appeal is that it has to be an effective plan of action to be approved. Therefore, if you feel that you are already doing things correctly, or can’t find areas to improve in, then it’s likely that assistance in these areas will help you understand how to change your shipment procedures for the better. We have a team of experts that are trained in ASIN and Amazon account suspensions and deal with them on a daily basis. We can help you get your ASINs and account back and remove your selling restrictions. Contact us to find out more about how our services can restore your selling privileges.