Ordering products online can be a risky business, especially when you cannot touch or interact with the product in real-time until you’ve purchased it. To combat this, sites like Amazon require sellers to have matching product detail pages along with the product. The importance of having the correct details on your page is essential to keeping customers satisfied. However, if you have information on your product detail page that does not match your product, you are putting your product ASINs and your account under risk of being suspended.

When listing any product on Amazon, you are presented a “product detail page” which you must fill out according to the description of the product. This is to help buyers understand what sort of product they are receiving and the qualities and characteristics of it. You can word the description in a certain manner to enhance its structure and flow but making sure that your products are accurately and authentically described is also very important on Amazon.

How Should I Make My Product Detail Pages?

The product detail pages are the sections where the product is described and where its features are listed. Without having accurate details of what the product is, Amazon may suspend your selling until you fix this. This includes providing an inaccurate description, having the wrong brand name listed for the actual product, or lying about the product’s features. It may also be that the description does not match the product item at all, which is a big mistake. Amazon will remove your selling privileges completely if you are found having your listing against incorrect detail pages and will not reinstate them until you’ve provided Amazon with a well-planned and thorough solution on how you are going to correct your detail pages.

There are several things that can make your product detail pages match what Amazon is looking for. Firstly, be accurate with your description. This means inputting the correct details, matching what the product includes, and being straightforward. Exaggerating about product features should also be avoided, since this may lead to confusion. In fact, misleading consumers in the product detail page can easily land you an ASIN suspension. It’s also better to avoid wordy descriptions with unnecessary detail.  Irrelevant verbiage can also lead to confusion about what the product is, let alone it’s features. Lastly, view your listings as if you were a potential customer. Does the description make sense to you? Would you purchase it? Is it clear what features the product does and does not include? Positioning yourself in the place of a buyer can help you determine which part of your description needs changes.

What Is A Product ASIN?

Each product on Amazon includes a unique ASIN. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, and it’s included in your product listing. Without an ASIN, your product will not be acceptable on Amazon. Therefore, anytime your ASIN is under risk of suspension, it’s important to pay attention to how you can remediate the problem before it’s too late.

Plan of Action to Reclaim Your Account

For your plan of action, you must submit an appeal to Amazon explaining in detail what you will to do fix the problem. This would include correcting your errors in the product detail page and making sure that your detail pages exactly match your items. You must list out exactly what you will do and be specific about the product’s detail pages that you will make corrections to. Make sure to have an accurate description of what the product really is and avoid using ambiguous language. The goal is to make it clear to consumers about what the product is you are selling, so adding extra wording might deter from that. Nobody wants to buy a product that they thought was one thing, but upon arrival turned out to be a completely different item. Also ensure that you are being honest when describing the product. Exaggerating its features might lead up to suspension due to incorrect or inaccurate product details, and it may even be considered a listing that is not as advertised. Using these tips, you can alter your product detail pages to be more accurate and straightforward, and show Amazon that you have understood your errors and have fixed them.

If I Am Reported for Not Matching Product Detail Page?

Listing items properly with the correct detail pages shows that you are an organized seller and care about your customers ordering the right products. This is behavior that Amazon encourages and rewards by allowing you to keep your selling privileges. However, if you happen to fall short of these responsibilities as a seller, then Amazon could suspend your product ASINs. As already mentioned, these are numbers which will enable you to have a valid listing. Without one for each product, you will not be able to sell your items. Once your product ASIN is suspended, your selling stops on that particular product until you have gotten it back.

Amazon can also suspend your entire account instead of just your product ASINs. This means that you will not be able to sell at all, despite your products having valid ASINs. Your funds will be on hold and you will lose your privileges until you have regained your account. To get the suspensions lifted off your account, you must submit an appeal with Amazon to try and implement better practices to list correct details on your product listings.

How Can We Help?

Oftentimes, Amazon only generally informs you of your policy violations, but does not get into the details of where you failed to follow their conditions and regulations. It can be frustrating to search for your errors through each of your product listings, and then have write an entire appeal about it. If you’re unsure of where you encountered an error or which detail page may have incorrect details, it may be helpful to speak to an expert. Our professionals deal with Amazon account suspensions daily, and we are familiar with Amazon’s policies and conditions. We’ll be able to help you find which sections to change in your product listings, and then assist you with submitting an appeal explaining the steps you will take to have an accurate detail page that matches your product. After Amazon approves the appeal, you’ll have your product ASINs and Amazon account back in no time and be selling again!