Amazon seller accounts can be suspended for a number of reasons, and having your listings not as advertised or wrong is a common one. When selling a product, buyers must have satisfaction that they received exactly what they were expecting based on the description, pictures, and features that you provided on your product listing page. If the buyer encounters a problem, they will be able to file a complaint explaining what went wrong. If the buyer felt that the product that they received was not what you were advertising on Amazon’s site, the option “not as advertised/wrong” might be the complaint they select. This is when things can get tricky and complicated. Amazon could send you an email explaining that your account was suspended due to this complaint, and you’ll have to fix the problem within a set period of time, or else have your selling privileges shut down for good.

What’s the Problem?

Listing on Amazon requires sellers to advertise correctly about your product. If your product is not as advertised or wrongly described, this can lead to confusion amongst customers. Customers are using Amazon’s website to purchase products that have accurate details and that fit their needs. If you sell an item claiming to do so, yet in actuality it does not, this can be a problem for everyone. The buyer will be dissatisfied due to the wrongly advertised item, and the seller may face penalties on their account. Honesty is a major part of Amazon’s code of conduct and it’s even listed on their main page. Selling on Amazon requires that you follow their code of conduct in its entirety, which means that listing your products honestly and accurately is essential to being able to sell and keep using your account.

A Few Things Which Could Cause Problems with Your Listings

When buying a product, no one wants to purchase it only to realize that it was wrongly advertised. However, your product listing might have incorrect details which can lead consumers to thinking something differently about it. Several things can be wrong with your listing, including the following:


  1. It could have been an accidental mistake that the product listing was not as advertised or just plain incorrect. This is considered human error, and we all go through it at times, but keeping your product listings correct is important to being able to keep your Amazon account.
  2. While your listing could have been accurate, it may have also had some exaggeration in it which caused consumers to expect more than what you were offering. This is also something to avoid since misleading your customers can easily land you negative feedback and potentially an account suspension.
  3. Inputting the correct detail in your product detail pages is essential to avoiding a complaint from buyers. Therefore, being accurate in your product listings and ensuring that you have the correct details is important to avoiding a not as advertise complaint.

There may also be instances where your product listing may be perfectly fine, yet Amazon feels that it is incorrect. This could be a mistake on Amazon’s side, and it’s important to discuss the matter with them to try and figure out what went wrong. If Amazon realizes that your product detail page is fine, they will be able to reinstate your account.

Finding the Core of The Problem

If a consumer claims that you sold a product to them that was not as advertised or incorrectly listed, you’ll have to look through and find where the consumer may have found differences from the information online and the actual product. Navigate to your product listing page and search through the title of your listing, the description of its features, and even the pictures that show what the product looks like in reality. Making sure that each one of these is correct will ensure that you have not advertised incorrectly or in a misleading manner. It may be that your product detail page is not accurate, and this could lead to another problem of listing against incorrect detail pages. Be sure to fix this and ensure everything listed is authentic to the product.

Penalties for a Not as Advertised/Wrong Listing

Sellers who have listings that are not as advertised or wrong will face penalties from Amazon. Firstly, Amazon will issue a suspension for your account. When this happens, sellers are no longer able to use their account to sell. They also cannot retain any funds as they are put on hold. The products that they list will temporary be gone until they have claimed their account back. In addition to the account suspension, Amazon only gives sellers 17 days to reclaim their account. Within these 17 days, sellers are required to submit an appeal. The appeal includes such things as finding their mistakes, correcting them, and coming up with a plan of action to become a better seller. If for any reason the seller was not able to create an effective appeal or get it approved by Amazon with the 17 days, then Amazon will permanently shut down their account. This means that selling will come to a stop completely, and the account will no longer be usable. These are all very heavy penalties; therefore it is important that the seller comes up with a persuasive plan of action as soon as they find that the suspension has been issued.

Appealing the Not as Advertised Claim

Submitting an appeal for your “not as advertised” accusations can be tough. You must convince Amazon that your product is listed the way it is in reality. You must show them that the product detail page is accurate and describes your product properly. You’ll have to write an appeal to Amazon explaining these details and showing them that the listing is legitimate. All of these tasks can become frustrating, especially if you’re not sure where you went wrong.

Our team understands the difficulty you might have to go through, which is why we are here to help you submit an appeal. We are professionals that are experienced with suspended Amazon account recovery and know how to properly submit an appeal, and have it approved by Amazon. Reach out to our team and we’ll take care of Amazon’s tough procedures for you so that you can reclaim your account and sell on Amazon again.