Safety and honesty are very important factors when selling online. Consumers need to know what they are purchasing and be aware of which ingredients may be in them. They must be well informed of what the product contains and have a clear idea of what they are looking at. Above all, buyers need to be safe when their products arrive to them. If this is violated in any way, buyers can complain to Amazon about a safety problem they had with their order. This can cause lots of trouble with your Amazon seller account and lead to your product being suspended.

Being a seller on Amazon includes following their policies and procedures entirely. The terms and conditions must be enforced as soon as you create your seller account on Amazon. Therefore, when publishing a listing on Amazon to sell your products, it’s important to follow Amazon’s guidelines on what you can and cannot sell. Amazon tries to keep their platform appropriate and free from offensive or dangerous material. This means that you as a seller must adhere to these guidelines and ensure that your products are appropriate and in line with what Amazon requires from you.

What Can I Sell?

One of the biggest factors when it comes to which products you can sell is safety. Safety is arguably the most important aspect when it comes to anything- eating, working, and even selling. Without safety, humans are at risk for all sorts of issues, including dealing with dangerous products, encountering health problems, or possibly experiencing life-threatening situations.

To help sellers better list safe products, Amazon has published a list of products that cannot be sold on their website. They call these “restricted products” and have created guidelines for sellers to follow so that they are not engaging in selling these items. Amazon takes their policies seriously, so if you are guilty of selling a prohibited item, you have a lot to risk. In fact, failure to meet these guidelines can lead you to receiving a safety complaint from a buyer and potentially get your selling privileges suspended.

What Would Be Considered a Safety Complaints?

There are many reasons that Amazon products can have their ASINs suspended when it comes to safety complaints. There have been reports stating that the product had potentially dangerous ingredients in it, or that the packaging was damaged, or even that the product was used but sold as new. All have fallen under the category of safety complaints from buyers. To avoid these complaints, sellers must make sure that they are not selling goods that have been used before, unless specifically listed under the “used” category. They must also be sure to clarify which ingredients are in their products, as well as have the proper labeling and documentation. Finally, they must make sure that the packaging is not damaged in any way. If a bag has a rip in it or a bottle cap is dented or opened, then the product is deemed unsafe and shouldn’t be used, and Amazon buyers would have the option to report this as a safety complaint.

What Happens If I’m Selling A Restrict Product and Receive A Safety Complaint?

Amazon takes safety very seriously when it comes to products. If a claim has been filed against you concerning safety about one of your products, then your product is at risk of losing its ASIN. Amazon will immediately remove your product listings and suspend their ASINs if you are found selling an item that was deemed unsafe or that was on their restricted products list. An ASIN is an Amazon Standard Identification Number, which is a number that is unique to each product and allows sellers to list and identify their products. When your ASIN is suspended, you can no longer sell that item until you have it back. This means that you will not be able to earn any sales on that product until you appeal with Amazon to sell it again. The reason your ASIN could get suspended could potentially be that your product could be a health hazard or be offensive to a certain group. It could also be a product that has additional regulations on it, which must be followed on top of Amazon’s current policies.

There are also products that require approval beforehand to be able to sell them. If you have an item that Amazon wants approval for first, you need to seek their assistance with getting it approved so that you can list it. Other items required additional information- like documentation about ingredients. These are all reasons Amazon has to suspend your product ASINs.

How to Get Your Product ASINs And Account Back?

If your product received a safety complaint, then to remove the ASIN suspension from your product and be able to list it again, Amazon requires sellers to come up with a plan of action that will cause the seller to be more safety compliant. This means that the sellers must find and acknowledge their mistake, take responsibility of it, and look for practical ways to remediate it. Trying to find out why a product was deemed restricted by Amazon’s product guidelines may be difficult to figure out. The generic email responses that Amazon provides can also add to the confusion. These factors can lead to you wondering how to create your appeal and seek reinstatement for your product ASINs.

Luckily, our professionals have expertise in Amazon ASIN suspension and can help you regain your ASIN back. Our team of experts are well-versed in Amazon appeals and understand what Amazon is looking for. We deal with suspensions on a day to day basis and know exactly the format Amazon requires from a plan of action. We can help you identify the cause of your listing being removed and help you submit an appeal to Amazon to sell it again. Once this is approved, Amazon will provide you your product ASINs and you’ll be able to sell your product again. Contact us today to find out more about how we can get your products’ ASIN back and keep selling on Amazon.