When listing items on Amazon to sell, you might have a variety of products that you want to list with ease. You may just create several listings for each differing product that you have. However, instead of having to create many pages for your products which only differ in size or color, Amazon lets you list them under one listing, by using what they call “variations”. Variations will let you list your similar products in a neat and organized way, making them appealing and easier to navigate for consumers. They are a good and popular option to utilize, however sometimes they are misused, which are against Amazon’s policies and can put your Amazon seller account at risk.

Getting your Amazon account suspended due to incorrect variations is become increasingly common, and even more frustrating. Unfortunately, these suspensions are mainly due to the fact that Amazon sellers are not listing their variations properly, and Amazon takes incorrect variations very heavily. Amazon will suspend your product ASINs, or even your whole account, until the variations are listed properly or are removed. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to properly list them and prevent this issue for any future listings.

What Are Variations?

First off, what are variations? Variations are an option for sellers on Amazon to list products that are related under one posting. The main posting is called the “parent listing” and the products that have variations are called “child products”. When listing related “child” products, they must only differ in specific characteristics like size or color. The child listings cannot differ in the features of the product or the actual product itself. For example, listing a purse with a strap and listing a purse without a strap under the same page, while claiming that they are variations, is incorrect. This is because they are two different products.

Variations are differences in sizes or colors of a product, but are still the same model, brand, and type. They are essentially the same product and do not have any added features, only differences in their appearance and measurements. Using variations makes listing your products a whole lot easier since you’re able to put them all under one listing. This also helps buyers understand the differences in your products and be able to compare and contrast to find what they’re looking for.  However, it’s important to list your variations correctly so that they are valid on Amazon’s site.

How Variations Work

The one product listing which includes variations is called the “parent listing”. The parent listing cannot be purchased, however, each variation underneath can. You can think of it like a category containing one product, and then specify which size and color of the product you want to purchase from the list of variations. For example, I might choose a 30-inch monitor in black color out of the several options there are under the product.

Each variation includes an ASIN. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, and this number is assigned to every single product listed on Amazon. The ASIN is useful since it’s unique for each product, so you can search based on the number and find the exact one you are looking for. The significance that ASINs hold are recognized and implemented by Amazon, that’s why if you don’t list them correctly, you may face heavy penalties.

Examples of Correct Variations

To get an idea of what a correct variation looks like, we can go through an example of one. If a seller listed a t-shirt as the main “parent” listing, then wanted to include variations such as size and color, they could have one parent and 3 variations in color and 2 variations in size. This would mean they would have a total of 6 child products, all different in size and color, but still the same exact product type and model.

It’s important to remember that there will always be one parent listing per product. You cannot have more than one- or it would be considered another product. After the parent listing, the child products only differ in their size and color, as explained in the example above. Improper variations would have differences in child products as well, such as a different model of a product or added features. If this was the case, then it would be a completely different product and would have to be put into another listing on the site.

What Happens If I Have Incorrect Variations?

Amazon suspension because of variations can be for a number of reasons. It may be that you did not have correct variations listed, which can cause you trouble until everything is listed properly. You might also have a claim against you stating you were misusing ASIN variations. This problem is primarily due to mistakes in listing the ASIN. There could have been several ASINs listed for one product, or an ASIN that was incorrect or not accurate. Amazon calls these “invalid variations” and will suspend your account as well as hold your funds until you’ve corrected your ASINs.

Amazon doesn’t take incorrect variation listings lightly. Without any notice, Amazon sends an email saying that you have incorrect variations and must submit a plan of action to remediate them. The ultimate goal is to accurately describe and list products so that consumers are not confused about the product or end up receiving the wrong product than what was advertised. This is why Amazon places such heavy consequences on incorrect variations and places your account on hold until they are fixed.

How to Correct Your Variations?

Make sure to understand Amazon’s instructions on listing variations of a product. While this can be tricky, it’s necessary to implement so that Amazon allows your account back after it has been suspended. Luckily, our experts understand the complications the come with listing variations and we can help you properly list them so that Amazon approves them.

Speaking with a professional on listing your variations properly can help you regain control of your account and process your funds again. Our services have just that- we have plenty of experience, a team of experts, and help people reclaim their accounts on a daily basis. Contact us to find more about how you can list your variations correctly and keep selling on Amazon.