Amazon is an excellent platform to sell your products and fulfill customer orders. To make the selling process easier, more efficient, and overall a better experience, Amazon created a service called FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon. This program allows sellers to let Amazon handle fulfilling their customers’ orders. This is helpful because Amazon will take care of the shipping services for you and take responsibility for this part of your customer service dealings. However, if Amazon’s FBA program issues you any warnings, taking them seriously is important to continue using their services, as well as being able to sell your own products.

Importance of Fulfillment by Amazon

The benefits of Amazon’s FBA program are many. For one, sellers no longer need to deal with all the selling and shipping processes on their own. Instead, the seller can send their products and inventory to Amazon directly, and they will keep them stored in their warehouses. When a product has been purchased and needs to be shipped, Amazon takes care of this for you and ships it on your behalf. It’s a great way to hand off some operations so that you can focus on your other business processes.

Not only is the shipping taken care of for you, but since you’re sending off your inventory to Amazon warehouses, you will no longer need to worry about storing your own products. Renting out or buying a space for your items will not be necessary and can save you money. Fulfillment by Amazon also gives buyers the option for prime products and 2-day shipping options. This can be helpful for marketing purposes and can get your business even more popular on Amazon.

The Benefits of Fulfillment by Amazon

There are many benefits that come with using Fulfillment by Amazon. Firstly, the program was designed to have Amazon take care of packaging and shipping your orders. This is clearly a huge benefit since it takes away the responsibility of sellers having to ship their products. It can also take the burden off your shoulders if you find that preparing your orders for shipment is a significant duty for your business. In fact, when Amazon takes this responsibility, you no longer have to focus on the shipping side of your business, and you can instead put all your effort into other needs for your business to grow.

Secondly, Amazon actually enhances your selling by making your products Prime eligible if you choose to opt-in to the Fulfillment by Amazon service. When customers have the option to choose Prime, there are all sorts of benefits that come with it, but the biggest one could arguably be the free 2-day shipping that it offers. Any product that is under the Prime category has a free 2-day shipping option, allowing customers to receive their products fast and free. Who doesn’t love free?

Thirdly, when you sign up for the Fulfillment by Amazon program, Amazon will take care of customer service for you. This means that on top of doing all the packaging and shipment processes, Amazon will also provide customer service for your buyers and handle any returns. This can make things many times easier for the seller, since they no longer have to deal with customer returns or queries about their shipment. Instead, the process is handled entirely by Amazon and they will take responsibility for it.

Lastly, what makes Fulfillment by Amazon so appealing is the fact that you can have your inventory and customer service taken care of for you for a small fee. While it may be disliked by some sellers to have to pay for using FBA, they must keep in mind that in the long run, these processes may not be so easy to fulfill on your own. Having to first make sure the product is in stock, then find the product, document it, package it, label it correctly, send it to the correct posting office, fulfill the indicated shipment deadlines and procedures, and much more, can take up time and money. When you hand off the operations to FBA, all the procedures are taken care of. Therefore, you can send all your inventory to Amazon, and they will not place a limit on how much you can send. This is also a great benefit for sellers to know that their products are in a safe and protected warehouse and are being handled properly.

As the saying goes, however, all good things come to an end. While this may not be entirely true in this case, Fulfillment by Amazon does still have some downfalls despite its many benefits. If sellers are issued warnings by the service, then they will have to take them seriously and correct their mistakes immediately. If they fail to do so, they may face heavy penalties from Amazon, like being unable to sell their product any longer.

Fulfillment by Amazon’s Warnings

Amazon’s FBA service will send warnings and expect a change in your processes if they find problems with your orders. Failure to take action can result in Amazon suspending your product ASINs, leaving you without a product to sell. The ASIN is so important because it is a unique number that is used to list products. Without one for each product, Amazon won’t accept your listing. This is why it’s necessary to avoid getting your ASIN suspended at all costs, which means paying attention to any warnings issued to you.

What If I Get Suspended?

If you have had your account or product ASIN suspended due to FBA warnings, there are ways to get it back. Firstly, it’s important to take action once you see the warning. Take the feedback seriously and try to fix your mistakes before they happen again. The FBA program wants to fulfill their procedures efficiently and properly, so sellers must adhere to their policies and correct themselves if they happen to receive any warnings. While the requirements may seem difficult for some sellers or too strict, Amazon is offering a service to help improve your business, so complying is a must. Amazon will also want to discuss your suspension with you- by requiring you to submit an appeal to help you improve your selling processes.  To make this easier, our professionals can assist you with coming up with an explanation for your warnings as well as a plan of action to correct yourself. We guide you through the whole process until you have your account and ASINs reinstated. Contact us today to learn more about how you can keep selling!