When selling on Amazon, it’s important to stay up to date and accurate on the information about the products you sell. This includes documentation of which product was sold, when it was sold, date shipped, cost of the product, and much more information regarding the product. Documentation is important for keeping records of your inventory, as well as for staying organized. Amazon values this and therefore requires that you have accurate and genuine documentation – including invoices. If not, you might have to deal with heavy penalties on your selling abilities and may even be blamed for document forgery.

What Is Forgery?

To forge something means providing an inauthentic document that has been altered, changed, or even created from scratch, to prove something by making it look legitimate. These days, with online tools that have photoshop capabilities, forging documents is becoming very common and people are getting away with it because of how legitimate the forgery looks. However, sometimes forgery isn’t the intent of the editor of the document. In fact, if one marks a document with an arrow or a circle- just to bring attention to it- it may be seen as forgery. Unfortunately, on Amazon, documents that have been written on or internal documents that are provided instead of invoices can be considered as forgery.

What Is an Invoice?

An invoice is a document which is an agreement between the seller and buyer that outlines the payment details of the product. Invoices include names, dates, addresses, item descriptions, any conditions on payment, and more. As you can see, invoices are very important to keep accurate as they are essentially transactions. Invoices are necessary so that you are able to provide accurate information on when you received your products, where you purchased them from, and a lot more information about their authenticity. When Amazon asks for invoices from a seller, you must make sure to provide the authentic, original ones. Invoices that are not filled out properly may be deemed inauthentic, and invoices that are written on electronically can even be considered as forged documents.

How Do I Avoid This?

When Amazon asks you to provide any documentation, it’s important to get it right the first time to avoid any claims in the future, such as a forged document claim. For example, if Amazon asks for original copies of a document, make sure to provide the exact document and not something that has been written on. If there are any marks, circles, arrows, or anything of the like, Amazon might deem in inauthentic and label in forgery. However, if you want to draw attention to a particular portion in the document, be sure to provide two copies- one which is the marked one and the other original one, so that Amazon knows that the original copy still exists and has not been altered.

Also make sure to provide what they’re looking for. If Amazon is requesting invoices, then there is no need to send internal documents or any other document. This can also cause Amazon to see your behavior as suspicious and potentially claim that you forged a document. These tips can help you avoid being accused of providing forged documentation.

Consequences of Document Forgery on Amazon

If you’ve been accused of forged document suspension on Amazon, you may have received a message stating something similar to “You may no longer sell on Amazon.com because you have supplied documentation to Amazon which appears to be forged or manipulated.” These forged documents may have not been forged in the first place and could have been a small error while sending them. However, Amazon takes forged documents very seriously, and will suspend your Amazon account and prevent you from selling any longer. However, if this wasn’t the case or if it was only a misunderstanding, you can retrieve your Amazon account and keep selling your items.

Suspension Due to Invoices Not Meeting Date Requirements

As is the case with forged documents, if Amazon notices anything looking funky with your invoices, you might have to deal with an ASIN suspension due to not meeting proper date requirements. Yes, this is a common reason why Amazon sellers are having their ASINs suspended, and it can affect you as well. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, and it is uniquely assigned to each and every product listed on Amazon. This means that each one of your products includes an ASIN. ASINs allow sellers to list their products on Amazon. Without one for each product, you will not able to list it. Therefore, if your ASIN is suspended on your product, then you will no longer be able to sell that product until you have clarified the issue with Amazon. When you provide invoices that have been altered or are not meeting proper date requirements, this can lead to Amazon being misinformed of the reality of your purchases and even think it is a forgery. Product ASINs that are suspended due to your invoices not meeting date requirements can be tricky to overcome and require that you follow Amazon’s appeal process to get them back.

How To Retrieve Your Product ASINs Back?

Forged documents and invoices that are not meeting the proper date requirements shows negligence on part of the seller. This makes the seller seem less trustworthy as well as disorganized. Amazon does not allow this sort of behavior- even if it was a mistake- therefore sellers must ensure that their documents and invoices are accurate to keep selling their products. To regain your product ASINs, you must follow Amazon’s plan of action requirement. This is a plan which you, the seller, must come up with in order to keep your documentation and invoices authentic. This includes understanding where you went wrong, finding ways to be a better seller, and then implementing them. Creating this plan of action can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. You must provide proper documents such as invoices instead of internal documents, and provide original copies, nor marked or written documents. However, even after gathering these documents, it can be a great hassle to deal with Amazon’s suspension department to get your account back. Getting assistance from professionals can ensure that your Amazon account is in safe hands and that you are able to sell again. Utilizing experts in the field can help you come up with an effective plan that will get your product ASINs back. Our professionals deal with suspensions on a daily basis and know what Amazon is looking for in a plan of action. Contact us to find out more about how you can successfully claim your product ASINs and account back.