Amazon Suspension News

2804, 2019

Safety Complaints and Restricted Product Removal

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Safety and honesty are very important factors when selling online. Consumers need to know what they are purchasing and be aware of which ingredients may be in them. They must be well informed of what the product contains and have a clear idea of what they are looking at. [...]

1002, 2019

FBA Warnings

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Amazon is an excellent platform to sell your products and fulfill customer orders. To make the selling process easier, more efficient, and overall a better experience, Amazon created a service called FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon. This program allows sellers to let Amazon handle fulfilling their customers’ orders. This [...]

303, 2019

Listing Against Incorrect Detail Pages

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Ordering products online can be a risky business, especially when you cannot touch or interact with the product in real-time until you’ve purchased it. To combat this, sites like Amazon require sellers to have matching product detail pages along with the product. The importance of having the correct details [...]

2901, 2019

High ODR

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What Is an Order Defect Rate? Selling quality and valuable products on Amazon is essential to keep your business moving. The way Amazon can tell whether your products are effective or not is through the customer review section of your product listing. This is a very important area as [...]