The 4-Step Process

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Most Amazon Seller Account suspensions are based on: Inauthentic Claims, Counterfeit Claims, Used Sold As New, Late Shipment Rate, Order Defect Rate, Safety Complaints, Trademark Infringements, Review Manipulation, Seller Code of Conduct Violations and the like.

We will evaluate your Amazon Seller Account suspension to see if we can assist you. On average this takes 5 (five) working days to look over your case. We will need to see a copy of the original suspension email and any correspondence between you and the Seller Performance Team. We will also need to see any feedback, policy warnings, complaints and any other alerts on your metrics. Remember, the more we information we receive from you the better we can understand and help you get reinstated.

No two Amazon seller suspensions are the same so we work hard to personalize each Plan of Action to your individual situation.

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